Dave Markus vs. Nero Angelo: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 24:04
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Nero Angelo 5’7” 167 lbs.
Dave Markus 5’9” 165 lbs.

Dave (orange speedos) was not at all pleased with his performance against Nero (blue speedos) in their first match.    This challenge by Dave was direct and aggressive.  He wanted the rematch and he didn’t give Nero a chance to back out.   But Nero never would.  He accepted Dave’s challenge saying “you want to get beat again”.   At 21 years old, Dave is quite a bit younger than Nero.  Consequently, he is more focused on winning whatever it takes.   Nero is just very, very strong, a good wrestler and a real brawler.   You will see all that in this match.   There is only one submission and one very unhappy loser !

"The rematch is exciting stuff. The two wrestlers know each other better this time around and adjust their strategies accordingly."

Ringside at Skull Island

Dave very much controls this match right from the start.  He uses those huge, powerful legs of his to his advantage and he keeps Nero on the mat struggling to get free.    Each time Dave tries for a full body scissors or head scissors, Nero uses all his power to keep those holds from happening.  Dave gives Nero a pretty good working over until Nero reverses and clamps on a tight head lock.   There is none more powerful or destructive than Nero’s headlock.  He puts all his muscle and weight into the hold trying to cut off his opponents breathing.   Dave struggles and is in a lot of trouble.

At one point, Nero, on his back, gets a head scissors and arm bar on Dave – almost like a triangle choke.  Incredibly, Dave powers out leaving Nero frustrated and vulnerable on the mat.  Just look at how ripped and defined Dave becomes as this awesome match continues. You can see how both these wrestlers are struggling not to lose.   It’s just great wrestling.

This feud is not even close to being over.   When we suggested a World Series Match, they said “not yet”.   They both want a couple more brawling battles before the final finisher:  a World Series Match   (4-out-of-7)

Wrestlers: Dave Markus, Nero Angelo

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