Aron Stokes vs. Ivan Karamazoff

Total Running Time: 23:08
File Size: HD /4K 1.76GB

Ivan Karamazoff             6’1”             169 lbs.
Aron Stokes                    6’1”             177 lbs.

Ivan (black speedos) came to the studio the week before this match to watch Aron (yellow/black speedos) wrestle a match.    Immediately after that match, Ivan challenged Aron.  We warned Ivan that Aron is not only an outstanding submission wrestler, but he is also very strong and has no mercy on his opponents.  Ivan was even more psyched.   “I’m going to destroy him” Ivan told us.    The anticipation for a really great – competitive match was very high and we were not disappointed.   Although, Aron gets the initial take-down, Ivan quickly reverses and catches Aron is a massive powerful head lock.  Just check out how Ivan stretches his own body to get the most leverage and power into that head lock.   Aron  is really in a lot of trouble early on in the match.   He struggles and wrestles as hard as he can to escape Ivan’s head lock.   It’s just totally awesome to watch.

Aron then takes control and works, or tries to work, just about every move and hold he possibly can to get Ivan in a compromising position.   Ivan wrestles like a real pro.   He manages to keep Aron from getting any tough move or hold on him for a long time – at the same time Ivan is most effective at wearing Aron out, making him struggle to maintain control.   Ivan is just bidding his time, saving energy, and waiting for Aron to make that fatal mistake that will cause Aron to tap out.  These two very long, lanky, strong and intense wrestlers are an absolutely super match for each other.   Ivan wants to win. He definitely wants Aron to tap out and lose this match.  Aron, the consummate wrestler, simply wrestles to win every match.  Losing is not in  his vocabulary.  He is super focused on winning each and every match.   It’s as if these guys were “meant” to wrestle each other.

We think that is a feud that is going to last a long time.   It’s going to be back and forth for a long time.   Both these guys developed a lot of respect for each other during this match.  However, they are both out to bring the other down to defeat.  These is absolutely no doubt about that.

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