Nero Angelo vs. Ivan Karamazoff

Total Running Time: 19:58
File Size: HD ???/4K 1.52GB

Nero Angelo    5’7” 164 lbs.
Ivan Karamazoff 6’ 165 lbs.

Ivan (blue speedos) recently arrived from Moscow, Russia.   What a great wrestlers’ body!   He’s long and lanky and loves a real tough challenge.   Nero (pink speedos) is an accomplished wrestler, also with a tremendous wrestlers’ body.   These two tough wrestlers are a real challenge for each other.  It’s very interesting that they both start out very slowly, checking each other for strength and ability.   They met just 10 minutes before this match and neither guy had ever seen the other guy in a match.    There was a lot of caution at first, checking of wrestling skills.   Then Ivan catches Nero is a wicked leg split using his own very long, strong legs.  Nero is flat on his back and in a lot of trouble.  He doesn’t like that position at all.  He reverses Ivan and starts turning up the pressure.  Ivan valiantly wrestles tough and hard but Nero keeps the pressure on.   Nero grabs Ivan’s arm, gets one leg across his face the other across his chest and executes a very effective arm bar.   Ivan struggles but there is no escape.

In the second fall, Nero clamps his vice-like legs around Ivan’s head and squeezes with a vengeance.   Incredibly, Ivan escapes and reverses catching Nero in his own head scissors which prove to be much more powerful and harder to escape from.   Ivan really shows Nero that he is going to lose this match without a real struggle.  So the pace and intensity of this match is increased and what started out as a nice, fun, easy wrestling match turned into a real tough brawl for total and complete dominance.    Both wrestlers working real hard and tough to control and beat the other guys.    This is exactly what we like to see at Movimus – a real submission wresting match between two evenly matched guys that want to win no matter what the cost ! 


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