Casey Callaghan vs. Nero Angelo

Total Running Time: 23:53
File Size: HD 1.27GB/ 4K 1.82GB

Note: There are some minor audio issues with the taping of this match that causes a little out of sync. We apologise for the inconvenience. 

Casey Callaghan           5’7”            150 lbs.
Nero Angelo                  5’7”            163 lbs.

Casey (black speedos) is more than ready to challenge Nero (red speedos) .   Nero is a real good submission wrestler, very strong and intense on the mat.   Casey is totally convinced that he can not only match strength and power against Nero, but eventually beat him.   Nero takes Casey to the mat and starts working the upper body, but Casey quickly wraps his very muscular legs around Nero’s body and pretty much disables Nero from working and moves.  Nero soon realizes that he needs to escape from Casey’s legs before he can wrestle an offensive match.   It took a while and lot of energy, but Nero eventually escapes and both wrestlers get back on their feet.

The next ten minutes is just some awesome wrestling – lots of fair and even exchanges.   Casey gets to his feet but Nero’s legs are wrapped around his head.   Nero clutches Casey’s arm and puts super pressure on Casey’s head and shoulders.  Standing up, Nero on his back, Casey is compelled to tap-out.   Casey is not at all happy.   Nero is gloating.

This continues to be an all-out brawl for the next 15 minutes.  Both guys are sweaty and exhausted, but the intensity of the match seems to increase with every passing minute.   Both wrestlers know a lot of different moves and holds.  Both guys are have very strong legs and know how to use them .    This is one of those matches that we will use to train some of our new wrestlers – it’s just really great wrestling.   You can certainly look for a re-match and possibly a World Series Match between these two very tough wrestlers.

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