Nero Angelo vs. Dave Markus

Total Running Time: 22:12
File Size: HD 1.37GB/ 4K 1.68GB

Nero Angelo              5’7”             165 lbs.
Dave Markus             5’9”             167 lbs.

Nero (navy blue speedos) challenged Dave (orange speedos).   Nero thought he had the skill to get Dave down and keep control.  As we all know, Dave is very, very strong, and we were surprised to see how easily Nero matched power and strength with Dave.    When Nero reversed Dave, got behind him and threw in a tight forearm across Dave’s throat, Dave struggled but couldn’t’ escape.   After that Dave just seemed to let himself get pushed around the mat, more than we have ever seen before.   We found out after that match that Dave’s throat had been a bit hurt in that first fall, but, just like Dave Markus, he didn’t’ say a word and kept wrestling as tough and hard as he could.

Nero caught Dave in a whole slew of real good, tight, submission moves, but Dave hung in there – even catching Nero in an excellent reverse head scissors and getting Nero to tap out.  But Nero just kept working him over.   What a sight – Dave being complete prostrate over the body of Nero having one arm tied up by Nero’s legs, the other arm stretched with both Nero’s arms.   Dave never looked so good , so strong.   Nero continued to work him over, punish Dave, and Dave kept fighting back looking for an opening.   Great wrestling – Dave Markus at his best!    Nero showing just how tough a guy he is.  You can see that Nero really loves a good wrestling match – really loves a real challenge.

Wrestlers: Dave Markus, Nero Angelo

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