Asa Cruz vs. Jeremy Kato

Total Running Time: 26:13
File Size: HD 1.37GB/ 4K 2.01GB

Jeremy Kato               5’7”     153lbs.                      
Asa Cruz                     5’7”     125lbs.                      

When Jeremy (blue speedos) was visiting New York City he challenged Asa (yellow speedos).   Not only did Jeremy have a 28 pound weight advantage, but he also proved to be quite an accomplished submission wrestler. Asa, used to winning most of his matches, had himself a formidable challenge.

At first there was an even exchange of moves. Asa was wrestling his usual tough, strong, aggressive style and Jeremy was trying to determine just how tough Asa was. Of course, Asa attempted a couple good, tight body scissors, but Jeremy was able to wrestle out. Then Jeremy caught Asa in a figure-four leg lock around his waist and Asa was in a lot of trouble. Jeremy tied Asa up with a cross-face and head lock as well, causing Asa to struggle as much as he has ever had too, but eventually Asa tapped out.

At the start of the second fall, Asa gets much more aggressive and takes Jeremy to the mat and starts working some real good controlling moves and holds.   Jeremy continues to show just how skilled he is and reverses Asa.   Jeremy uses multiple straight scissors and keeps Asa working hard to escape.   Asa tries a couple body scissors with those powerful legs, but Jeremy seems to be able to take some punishment as well as being a very skilled wrestler.

Asa definitely met his match in Jeremy.   Asa promises a much tougher rematch when Jeremy visits NYC again. 

Wrestlers: Asa Cruz, Jeremy Kato

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