Asa Cruz vs. Alex Carlisle

Total Running Time: 20:43
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Alex Carlisle                  5’10”             153lbs.
Asa Cruz                       5’7”               126lbs.

New Movimus Wrestler Alex Carlisle (black speedos) was super psyched when we told him that his first match would be against Asa Cruz (blue speedos). Alex proceeded to watch each of Asa’s matches and told us that “as long as I stay away from his legs, I’ll do fine”. That is exactly what proved to be elusive for Alex.

Asa looks very strong, ripped and defined. He is actually much stronger than he looks. If he gets his wicked strong legs wrapped around you, you immediately feel the pressure and pain. If he gets you in a tight head lock, it’s very, very hard to escape. Asa takes control of Alex right from the outset and keeps it throughout the match.

Alex has lots of wrestling experience and practice with some guys at his college, but he has never wrestled a match like this before. Alex is very used to using his legs to win matches and he is master of the headlock and armbar. Each time he tried for his patented move, Asa was ready for it. Asa may be a little guy, but he is a dynamo – and very strong.

At one point, he flips Alex over his back and slams him to the mat landing right on his chest. Asa’s incredible use of his legs has Alex struggling throughout the match. Just check out the ripped thighs on Asa when he gets Alex in a body or head scissors. There are not too many wrestlers that would be able to that that much muscle squeezing the breath out of them. Alex lost but he is totally determined to beat Asa in a rematch. It’s going to happen !


Wrestlers: Alex Carlisle, Asa Cruz

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