Mikey Hanlon vs. Case "CT' Thornton

Total Running Time: 28:36
File size: 1.53GB

Mikey Hanlon 5’9” 177 lbs.
Case “CT” Thornton 5’11” 166 lbs.

CT (lime speedos) challenges Mikey (blue speedos).   We told CT he was in for one of the toughest matches he has ever wrestled.   Mikey is a really strong guy with outstanding wrestling skills.   The truth is, we did not think that CT had a chance of beating Mikey.   We were totally off-base with that call.   CT takes control right off the bat and keeps Mikey struggling to reverse.  At one point Mikey says, “finally a guy that a real wrestler”.   CT did an super job of controlling Mikey and keeping him on the mat in defense.   Finally Mikey reverses and keeps control.  It isn’t long before CT is tapping out.

The second match is much longer and a lot more intense.  Control goes back and forth.   Both wrestlers try just about every legit wrestling move and hold that there is.   These guys are just so skilled that neither can get a good hold on the other guy for very long.   This is just some really awesome wrestling.  They wrestle for 12 minutes without a break or a breather.  The match just gets more and more intense and both wrestler concentrate on being as focused as possible on the win.  Mikey is all over CT keeping CT on the mat and working him over when, very suddenly, and without warning, CT reverses and catches Mikey in a really tight choke – both wrestlers on their knees.   Mikey is forced to tap out!

The third match ends in a draw.  Both wrestlers shape hands and promise each other a rematch.   This ends in a 1 – 1 draw.   Mikey is pissed and CT is psyched.   The rematch is already scheduled and both CT and Mikey are more than ready.  This “war” is going to end in a World Series Match.


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