Case "CT" Thornton vs. Aron Stokes

Total Running Time: 22:57
File Size: HD 1.23GB/ 4K 1.74GB

Case “CT” Thornton                   5’11”                  166 lbs.
Aron Stokes                               6’1”                     174 lbs. 

CT (black speedos) and Aron (blue speedos) are just about the best submission wrestling match you could imagine.   They have wrestled each other before.  Both are trained submission wrestlers.  Both have lots of experience.  They are relatively the same size, competitive and very cocky.   They both are determined to win each and every match.   The skill level and the strength level is way above average.  They have incredible endurance and they both will fight to win – no matter what it takes.  

"Being so evenly matched, with both sides playing it safe, and only one point in the overall score the match ends leaving us asking ourselves what would have happened if they continue trying to rip each other apart."


So here it is – submission wrestling at its best.   Aron gets the takedown and keeps it for a while, then CT reverses.   It’s back and forth.   Fifteen minutes of give and take with neither wrestler showing any advantage.   Then one huge mistake, the other immediately taking advantage of that mistake, and one wrestler is tapping-out!   Really great stuff!

Second match is more intense and rougher.  No respect for each other at all – just an all out brawl!   But this time – no major mistake and no winner!   Second match ends in a draw.   Score:  1 – 0   You guess who won!   This is just the beginning – by no means is it even near the end.   These two guys have many more intense, tough and aggressive matches left in them and they are going to take it out on each other.

It’s totally refreshing to watch this match.   It’s not often enough that we get two wrestlers of this caliber to hit the mats against each other.   CT has vastly improved in skill and strength since he first arrived at Movimus, seven years ago.  Aron is just starting out, wrestling for us only about a year.  He has already improved tremendously in skill and power.   There is nothing better than a match like this one.   Total all-out submission wrestling.  No holding back.  No fear of each other at all.  Both wrestlers with a focused determination to win at any cost – and both willing to wrestle as long as it takes to come out on top.   You won’t find this level of wrestling competition anywhere else.  Look for a lot more of these two wrestlers.

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