Dave Markus vs. Jimmy Reilly: The Rematch!

Total Running Time: 19:55
File Size: HD 1.05GB/ 4K 1.51GB

Jimmy Reilly               5’10”                219 lbs.
Dave Markus              5’9”                  170 lbs. 

Jimmy (grey speedos) is out for revenge!   Dave (orange/pink speedos) decisively won their first match and Jimmy didn’t like that at all.   Jimmy is bigger, bulkier and stronger and is totally prepared to “bring down” the tough, pretty-boy, Dave.  But Dave will have no part of that.   Dave is quicker and very, very strong.  He has perfected some very serious submission moves and is focused on winning.  Dave very quickly brings Jimmy to the mat and works for a head scissors.  With his strong legs, there is no escaping Dave’s scissors.  Jimmy tires to wrestle out, but Dave is just too strong and Jimmy is forced to tap out.

"Jimmy may be 50 pounds heavier but Dave seems to be 50 times better."


Dave keeps the pressure on for the whole match.   Jimmy wrestles a real tough match, but Dave just dominates and controls for 25 minutes.  At one point, Dave picks up Jimmy, at 219 pounds, and slams him to the mat.  Dave is fast and very, very strong and Jimmy just can’t keep up with him.   When Jimmy does get control you can see how hard Dave struggles to escape, but he eventually does escape and reverse.   Dave has become an expert at the scissors and no one has been able to get out of his strong legs.  Dave’s ripped muscles were put to the test, but he sure lived up to the challenge.  Jimmy is big and strong but he met his match in Dave Markus.      

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