Dave Markus vs. Julio Vargas

Total Running Time: 23:06
File Size: 1.25GB

Julio Vargas 5’9” 177 lbs. 27yo
Dave Markus 5’9” 172 lbs.  

Dave (blue speedos) brought his gym buddy, Julio (purple speedos), to the Movimus Wrestling Room and immediately challenged him to a match.  Julio was very ready and jumped at the opportunity to wrestle Dave.   So it’s muscle vs muscle.  You can see the respect these guys have for each other right off.  Dave passively wrestles Julio and basically just defends himself from getting into some inescapable hold.  Until Julio gets behind Dave and gets a real tight body scissors on him.  Dave is in trouble and doesn’t like it at all.  Now Dave turns up the pressure and pace and tries to overpower, man-handle and dominate Julio.   Julio will have no part of that.   Again Julio uses his very powerful legs and has Dave squirming to escape a tight scissors.

"Bulges, physiques and non-stop thrilling action: what more can you ask for?"


But, as all the other Movimus Wrestlers know, stay away from Dave Markus’ legs.   Julio got caught and Dave put on the pressure.   Julio came back tougher and more determined – definitely more focused on winning.   Their muscles get pushed and stained, totally defined and huge.   Check out these two powerful body-builders go at it in an all out submission brawl.  Just look at the powerful back muscles of both wrestlers – awesome!   You can look for a lot more of both these guys at Movimus Wrestling !  

Check out the rematch! 

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