Dave Markus vs. Jimmy Reilly

Total Running Time: 20:22
File Size: 1.55GB

Jimmy Reilly                     5’10”              186 lbs.             25yo
Dave Markus                    5’9”                172 lbs.             19yo


Jimmy (blue speedos) has been watching Dave’s (pink speedos) matches against many of the same guys that he wrestled himself.   “Damn, he’s beating all those guys.  I wanna wrestle him” Jimmy texted us.  So the match was set.  They met for the first time at the studio and went right to the mat.  No conversation, no friendship, barely – not even a “hello” – they both got into their speedos and wrestled.  Both muscular bodies tensed for action and competition.   Each wrestler at his peak, strong, skilled, not willing to give up at all, yet knowing that each has more than enough power to get the other to tap-out!   What a super match-up!

"This is a full seven-fall contest, and it may be my favorite Movimus release of 2014."

Ringside at Skull Island

Dave goes pretty easy at first, trying to judge just how strong Jimmy really is.   Jimmy takes advantage and brings Dave to the mat, works his body behind Dave’s and tries all kinds of locks and moves.  Arm bar – Dave escapes.  Choke – Dave escapes.  Body scissors – Dave escapes.   But Jimmy is very strong and maintains his position on the mat behind Dave.   Dave struggles, really struggles, but eventually Jimmy gets him and wins the first fall.   

"A match like this just can’t be downloaded and watched in one sitting."



Now Dave is more psyched, determined and totally committed to beating Jimmy.   The pressure is on, the muscles are tensed, the wrestling is as tough as it can be.  These two muscle boys got at each other for 25 minutes with a final score of 5  -  3 and a most definite, undisputable winner.  The strain, push, struggle is quite obvious.  Their muscular bodies are pushed to all limits by each other.   What a totally awesome site:  two very muscular guys that know how to last and fight in a real submission wrestling match.    You don’t find that too often – anywhere!       

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