Connor Flynn vs. Dave Markus

Total Running Time: 32:52
Total File Size: 1.57GB

Connor Flynn                    6’1”          172 lbs.
Dave Markus                    5’9”           172 lbs.

Connor (blue speedos) and Dave (green speedos) seemed like the perfect match.   Connor is skilled at using his very strong legs to gain the win.  Dave is just a powerful, very powerful, teen with rippling, muscled legs.   But can Dave take a good scissors himself?   Can Connor withstand the power of Dave’s legs.   We wanted to find out.   Up to this point, Dave may have lost an individual match, but never lost a match over all.  His tie (no tap outs at all) against Doug Acre was incredible given Doug’s wrestling experience and strength.  His overwhelming defeat of Case “CT” Thornton was simply unbelievable.   

Just check these guys out when they first face-off against each other.  You can just see how strong they both are.  Connor gets control initially and works diligently to keep that control against the power of Dave Markus.   As Connor tries chokes, scissors, arm bars, etc. , Dave just pushes Connor off.  But, amazingly, Dave can’t seem to get the reversal.  Connor keeps Dave on the mat, struggling to avoid the finishing hold.  Connor figures that eventually Dave would get tired.  No way is that going to happen !

At one point Connor gets a really good head scissors on Dave.  We figured it was all over, as it has been with so many of Connor’s opponents.  But not with Dave.  He took the powerful scissors and reversed the hold.   When Dave finally gets control and the top position, Connor really struggles to escape.   Using his muscle and power, Connor does everything he can to avoid Dave’s scissors, any kind of scissors.   Dave is just so strong, though.  Connor really has a hard time keeping Dave from getting the win.   Awesome match!   Rematch is already planned.   They are both working out to win that match.   


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