Case "CT" Thornton vs. Dave Markus

Total Running Time: 19:27
File Size: 1.23GB

Case “CT” Thornton              5’11”       158 lbs          28yo
Dave Markus                         5’9”         169 lbs.        19yo

Case (red speedo) and Dave (blue speedo) sound like a perfect match. Case is extremely skilled, strong and know how to finish a match. His win/lose record leans heavily on the win side. Dave is a teen muscle boy – gym rat – and anything else you want to call him. He’s ripped muscle, 31 inch waist - very, very strong and a real powerhouse. Can CT’s skill handle that much muscle. Can Dave muscle out of some of CT’s great holds. CT get a take down and tries to keep Dave wrapped up in his legs. Dave reverses and gets a tight head lock on CT. CT struggles but manages to escape and reverse. CT tries for an arm bar, but Dave is just too strong. Again, he reverses and finds himself caught in the “guard” and working to get out of CT’s legs.

The 18-minute video ups the action side of submission wrestling."

Ringside on Skull Island

Riding time in this match is just about even. They keep turning each other and working hard to keep the other guy on the mat. CT attempts the choke and body scissors many times, but Dave just powers out. Dave tries to use the scissors (just check out his legs) but CT is very aware that he can’t let Dave get a scissors, especially a head scissors, on him. These guys go at each other real hard for 25 minutes and neither is even breathing hard. But there is a definite winner, and a very disappointed loser. The score is 3 – 0, but the score doesn’t reflect how close this match up really is. Without a doubt, this is one of the best matches we have ever had at Movimus. Both wrestlers want a rematch, and they most definitely will get one. Now let’s see who the real “better wrestler” is!!!

...both wrestlers take turns at the offensive and the defensive, turning it into an agonizing challenge of who can choke the other first."

La Sustancia



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