Connor Flynn vs. Case "CT" Thornton

Total Running Time: 26:40
File Size: 1.43GB

Connor Flynn 6’’ 174 lbs. 27 yo
Case “CT” Thornton 5’11” 158 lbs. 28yo


Case (blue speedos) challenged Connor Flynn (red speedos).   “I’ve always wanted to wrestle Connor” CT told us.   Connor was more than ready.  Connor figured that he could defeat CT using his really strong legs.  “One head scissors and he’ll tap out” Connor said before the match.   This is a wicked match.   Both experienced wrestlers used all their power and skill to get the win.   Lots of leg locks and some awesome wrestling.  CT kept Connor in a scissors and Connor did everything he possibly could be escape.  At one point, CT caught Connor in a really tight head scissor  but Connor escaped.   However, when CT got a triangle on Connor and pulled down on the back of his head, Connor was forced to tap-out – or pass out.  He tapped!

The match got rougher and rougher.   Connor worked his legs well, but CT countered and kept Connor working hard to maintain control.  CT’s skill is awesome and definitely put to the test in this match.  Connor continued to work his powerful legs around CT but CT seemed to be totally prepared to defend against those strong legs.   Both guys wrestled an outstanding match.  Both guys tried arm bars but each defended well.  CT tried his patented choke and Connor just pushed his arms away and reversed.   Great match!  Super wrestling!   Both guys are already asking for a rematch!   Connor wants a World Series Match.  He’s probably going to get what he wants!

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