Aron Stokes vs. Doug Acre

Total Running Time: 28:35
File Size: 1.51GB

Doug Acre               5’6”             162 lbs.             21yo
Aron Stokes             6’1”             176 lbs.             21yo

Doug (black speedo) has lots of wrestling experience – all collegiate and submission. He’s compact and very, very strong. His knowledge of submission moves and holds makes him a formidable competitor. Aron (yellow speedo) also has a lot of wrestling experience, but he is much more of a brawler. Aron gets the first take-down and Doug struggles to escape/reverse. When he finally gets on top, Aron has real trouble regaining control of the match. They really work each other over for almost ten minutes until Aron turns to one side and Doug wraps his legs around Aron’s waist and squeezes. Aron moans and almost immediately taps out.

"This contest demands focus, patience, and a realistic (if not scientific) grasp of the ways the human body will bend without injury--and won't bend."

Ringside at Skull Island

Again Doug is on top working over Aron. It seems that Doug is really giving Aron a beating, a good working out. Aron struggles but can’t reverse and get control. The fact is that these two guys are really wrestling tough, as tough as each of them can be. Lots of painful moves, difficult stretches and locks. Attitude is building. Doug gets another tap-out from Aron and when we tell them to take a short break – Aron says “no way, let’s wrestle” and it gets more real and much more aggressive.

"This pairing take the concept of thriller to another level..."


Aron get control and keeps it for a long time. Doug reverses and begins battering Aron. Aron escapes again, but not before taking a good beating from Doug. Aron clamps on a front-face choke and stands Doug up. With his height advantage, he just stretches his full length and had Doug totally choked out. Doug holds on as long as he can, but there is no way out. This match is not over – not by a long shot. These guys are definitely not friends, and the feud is just beginning.

Wrestlers: Aron Stokes, Doug Acre

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