Dave Markus vs. Casey Callaghan

Total Running Time: 27:18
File Size: 1.47GB

Casey Callaghan 5’7” 143 lbs. 26yo
Dave Markus 5’9” 172 lbs. 19yo

Casey (orange speedo) asked to wrestle Dave (multi-colored speedo) as soon as he saw Dave. Casey loves a real challenge. He wants to wrestle only guys that are bigger and obviously stronger than he is. So far, he has done a great job against the bigger guys. Casey is always looking for a challenge. Well, Dave is definitely the one to give Casey a challenge. There is no way Casey can match strength with Dave, but he sure does give it his best shot. Although you’d think it would be easy for Dave to control the match, Casey was not about to let that happen. When he does reverse and gain control, he manages to stay on top by consistently going after Dave’s head and a choke. He actually gets Dave to tap-out in a nasty choke.

"Most pro matches staged to achieve a high pitch of drama have only half the intensity of this contest. Once again Movimus pushes the envelope on what underground wrestling is about."

Ringside at Skull Island

"In Dave Markus vs Aaron Stokes, Movimus delivers the drama of real competition, with a match whose result defies logic showing us how the excitement of unscripted action can beat any fantasy scenario."


But Dave is very relaxed and methodical. He waits for the right opportunity, then pounces on his opponent. He’s a pro at taking advantage of a situation and Casey finds himself on the receiving end of some of Dave’s powerful moves. No one can take a full body scissors or head scissors from Dave. You can see how strong his legs are – and he knows how to use them. Casey wrestles valiantly, but he can’t over power Dave in any way. Eventually, Dave is going to use that power, squeeze – arms or legs – and Casey is going to tap out. But give Casey a lot of credit. He doesn’t back down in the slightest – he just keeps fighting harder and harder. Way to go – Casey!


Dave is wearing the String Bikini from Prevail Sport in Technicolor print. 

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