Dave Markus vs. Trip Townsend

Total Running Time: 16:55
File Size: 1.29GB

Trip Townsend 6’1” 153 lbs. 21yo
Dave Markus 5’9” 169 lbs. 19yo


Trip (blue speedos) challenged Dave (fatigue speedos).  Trip has skill and wrestling knowledge.  Dave has power – lots of power.   Trip was convinced that he could get Dave with moves and keep him under control.  Dave was sure that he could beat Trip, especially if he got him in any scissors at all.  This match is a real brawl – both these guys want to win this match and they will do what it takes to win.

Trip got some real good moves on Dave but couldn’t hold him down too long.   He actually got one submission/win when he had Dave all tied up and down on the mat.  But Dave was able to escape and reverse just about all the other moves that Trip used.   Trip did all he could to avoid any scissors from Dave.   If Dave scissored Trip, he taped-out almost immediately. Trip tried for a full nelson. Dave just powers out. Trip gets on top and in-control. Dave turns him over and keeps him on his back.  Great wrestling, but definitely one-sided.

Check out Dave’s legs – awesome!  Just look at that defined muscle.  His thighs are enormous – all muscle. Imagine being caught in his head scissors. We have not seen legs that well-defined at any time before at Movimus. Dave is asking to wrestle our toughest guys. He will get what he wants.  

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