Aron Stokes vs. Casey Callaghan: The Rematch!

Total Running Time: 23:40
File Size: 1.82GB

Casey Callaghan                  5’7”     142 lbs.          26yo
Aron Stokes                          6’1”     176 lbs.          21yo


The ReMatch!   The very next day after their first match, Casey (USA speedos) came ready to win.   Aron (red speedos) has a big height and weight advantage, but Casey is convinced that he can take Aron.   Casey gets the first take-down and goes right for the head scissors.   He gives it all he’s got and Aron is moaning as he tries to escape. Casey continues to use his legs every chance he gets and Aron has trouble avoiding both the head and body scissors.   It seems that Casey is doing a lot of damage with his legs.

"The rematch gives us a strong sense of the wrestlers' stamina and staying power, and it is arguably more action packed than the first."

Ringside at Skull Island

 Aron is strong and wiry. He’s a skilled submission wrestler and it’s hard to keep him on the mat. When he gets control of Casey it’s hard to escape.   When Aron gets his long, very strong legs around Casey’s head, Casey is forced to tap-out. But they continue to punish each other. Casey uses speed and agility to get on top and stay in control. Casey is continually looking to use his legs on Aron. Aron is doing everything he can to avoid Casey’s legs. But this is a real match of “scissors” – both wrestlers using their legs looking for the tap-out.  

These guys are not holding back at all.   It’s a real brawl. They know each others style and they can defend against most moves and holds.   It’s Aron’s long legs vs. Casey’s strong legs.   Great wrestling action!  Definitely one of the best submission matches to watch – super wrestlers going all out against each other.  

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