Dave Markus vs. Doug Acre

Total Running Time: 21:40
File Size: 1.67GB

Doug Acre 5’6” 164 lbs. 21yo
Dave Markus 5’9” 171 lbs. 19yo

Doug (red speedo) really wanted a chance to wrestle Dave (yellow speedo). Doug has thirteen years of wrestling experience. Dave never formally wrestled or has been trained, just fooling around with friends, but he has an awesome body, really strong, and great stamina. Experience vs. brute force. When they first lock-up, experience wins out and Doug gets the take-down. He manages to keep Dave on the mat and he tries to work all the moves that he knows. But Dave simply doesn’t let Doug get any good hold on him. Using his strength, Dave is able to keep Doug from working any really good or tight hold. Dave manages to fend off Doug at every turn. Muscles are strained and pushed to the limit. Doug is also very strong and he’s determined to keep Dave on the mat and eventually he knows Dave will make a mistake and Doug will take advantage.

But that never happens. Dave gets a really excellent, tight head lock at one point and you can see Doug struggle to escape. It was almost lights out for Doug, but he barely managed to escape. This is wrestling to the max – both wrestlers just keep going. Rarely do we get two wrestlers so evenly matched that they can go almost 25 minutes with no submission. This is one of those great matches. It’s not over. Both guys are asking for a rematch as soon as possible. 

Wrestlers: Dave Markus, Doug Acre

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