Aron Stokes vs. Trip Townsend

Total Running Time: 25:39
File Size: 1.4GB

Trip Townsend            6’1”          151 lbs.            21yo
Aron Stokes                6’1”          174 lbs.            21yo

Trip (yellow speedos) has been telling us that he wants a match against Aron (purple speedos) ever since he first contacted Movimus. In fact, the reason why Trip contacted us was to get a chance to wrestle Aron. Although Trip is a wrestler and wrestles as often as he can, he was no match for Aron. Simply put, Aron controlled the entire match. Trip struggles and wrestles well, but Aron just takes him apart. It’s almost as if Aron could have got a submission from Trip anytime he wanted too.

"Both Aron and Trip are highly capable wrestlers, even though in the end the score card favors one over the other, and in appearance if not in experience or training, they are well matched."

Ringside at Skull Island

Aron uses his skill and strength to get control of Trip. Trip reverses or escapes and works for a good move on Aron. Aron easily escapes and applies another good move and pressure on Trip. Over and over again – great moves – good wrestling – but very one sided. Aron’s legs are very deceiving. Not only are they very long, but they are really strong. If Aron gets a good head scissors on anyone, it’s lights-out! When he flexes, his thighs are enormous – really thick muscle. Trip is long and lanky. Although he’s a skilled wrestler, he just didn’t have the power to defend against Aron, especially against Aron’s legs.

Trip felt good about this match. “I didn’t realize how strong he is” he told us, “I did a good job against him”. Aron is more cocky than ever. “Tell Connor Flynn I want him again – he’s going DOWN!” Aron told us after the match. Both these guys are the kind of wrestler that we like: strong, competitive, aggressive, tough!!! 

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