Aron Stokes vs. Casey Callaghan

Total Running Time: 23:06
File Size: 1.75GB

                   Casey Callaghan              5’7”          142 lbs.                 26yo
                   Aron Stokes                      6’1”          176 lbs.                 21yo

This in not a “typical” movimus match. These guys are not evenly matched at all. But Casey (dark blue speedos) flew into New York from California, met Aron and said: “Let’s wrestle”. Casey set this match up himself and Aron jumped at the opportunity. We warned Casey that Aron is not only bigger, but he’s a real good wrestler and very strong. Casey just said “bring him on”. So the match was set!

Shockingly, Casey got some great moves and holds on Aron. More than a couple times, Aron found himself struggling to avoid a tap-out. Not only is Casey a good wrestler, but he knows how to win and he definitely wrestles to win. Casey was not intimidated in the slightest by giving up 34 pounds and almost 6 inches. It seems as if Casey knew exactly what to do to bring the bigger wrestler down and keep him under control. Casey worked some really tight moves and holds and kept Aron struggling to get control and keep from taping-out.

"Both men’s determination and wrestling ability impress me through it all. Neither is willing to just roll over and play dead for the other, and the winner gets nothing without a long, hard struggle.


Ringside at Skull Island


"The match is even, intense and I think the size differential makes the match more intimate and close.”

La Sustancia P

But Aron is very strong and extremely intense. The more the challenge, the more Aron rises to meet that challenge. He was out-wrestled a couple times, but he just fights harder. Aron was not about to lose this match – not about to lose to a 142 pounder. This a great match – you don’t want to miss it. This match was on the first day of Casey’s two day visit to New York. After this match, he immediately challenged Aron to a rematch the next day!

Aron is wearing the String PowerLifter from Prevail Sport. 



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