Josh Steele vs. Jayson Dolan

Total Running Time: 25:23
File Size: 1.46GB

Josh Steele 5’11”’ 191 lbs. 21 yo

Jayson Dolan 5’11” 188 lbs. 22 yo

Josh (blue speedos) gets to wrestle Jayson (orange speedos) a big, tough wrestler from the midwest. Jayson has the power to match his size, and Josh is an accomplished wrestler. Josh brings Jason to mat with a head lock and uses his speed and agility to get behind Jason and work for a full body scissors and choke. Jayson is very strong and, for a long while, he’s able to keep the muscular Josh from clamping the choke in tight and making it a finishing hold. Eventually, Josh gets the real tight choke and body scissors and really puts the pressure on Jason.

Both wrestlers make each other work hard for every inch gained on the other, scoring up some mat burns in the process. By the finish, both are gasping for air."

Ringside at Skull Island

Josh gets the takedown and control again and works for a full nelson. Jayson again defends effectively until Josh just tires him out. Jayson is trapped in a really tight full nelson and body scissors. Josh is just so strong that he can keep even a big, strong opponent like Jayson completely tied up in a hold like this. Some really great action, super good wrestling moves and holds – but again, Jayson taps out. Jayson is not used to losing so he comes back with a vengeance. Josh again works hard for the takedown and control, but Jayson fights back and pushes Josh around the mat. “I was determined to work him over this time” Jayson told us. So the match gets more intense.

...this match is just REALLY satisfying... It builds and builds."

Inner Jobber

It’s a real struggle. Josh simply will not lose and Jason will not tap out anymore - great wrestling – stubbornness and determination – great attributes for a wrestler. You’ve got two big guys really going at each other – no holds barred!

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