Connor Flynn vs. Jayson Dolan

Running Time:   18:55
File Size:  1.03GB

Connor Flynn                 6’              178 lbs.                  26 yo
Jayson Dolan                 5’11”         188 lbs.                  22 yo

Jayson (black speedos) watched some of Connor’s (blue speedos) matches and asked for a match against Connor. Jayson has some great power and his plan was to control Connor, get him in a finishing more and pour on the pressure. Connor is one of the best wrestlers at using his very strong legs to get a submission. That was exactly his plan. They initially lock up and go to the mat with Connor on is back with Jayson in a body scissors. Jayson easily powers out of that and clamps a tight head lock on Connor. It’s tough and takes a long time, but Connor eventually squirms out of the headlock, gets on top of Jayson with a full body scissors and gets his forearm right across Jayson’s throat for the choke. Jayson taps !

What I mainly want to emphasize is the rampant brutal intensity of the competition…  Yes, it is definitely that good!”

Ringside at Skull Island

Again its power and skill and many locks and reversals. Connor is totally put to the test by Jayson’s power. Jayson works very hard to keep out of Connor’s best moves and holds. Some really great wrestling. These two competitors want to win, and will wrestle as hard and as long as it takes to come out on top. Jayson’s front face lock is incredibly powerful and Connor struggles more than once to escape. Connor has to muster all his strength to escape Jayson’s arm bar. In the end, it’s Connor’s wicked head scissors than Jayson tapping out real fast !

The action is quick, but never sacrifices the quality of wrestling you can expect at Movimus.”

Inner Jobber


These two young guys are great wrestlers and show their skill, power and endurance in this match. They are both asking for a rematch. They will get their wish !

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