Max Anderson vs. Jordan Clark

Total Running Time: 19:28
File Size: 1.04GB

Jordan Clark               6’               192lbs.              24yo
Max Anderson            6’               194lbs.              30yo

I'm a big fan of this one."



Jordan (blue speedos) told Movimus when he contacted us: “I’ve been watching Max wrestle for years. I want a shot at this guy”. Max (rainbow speedos) has never turned down a challenge and he’s not about to begin now. Jordan is one very well built and very strong dude. He doesn’t have a whole lot of wrestling experience, but he figures he’s wrestled enough matches to take on Max. These two wrestlers are as evenly matched in size and body as you can get. They have the same body structure and muscle definition. We thought this was going to be an excellent match, and we were certainly not disappointed.

These guys are so well-matched that there's no telling who's going to submit till it happens."

Ringside at Skull Island


This is one of those special matches: 25 minutes, continuous, with just one submission at the end. It was back and forth all the way. At one point Jordan had Max in an awesome headlock. Max was trapped on the mat for the longest time. Max did everything thing he could to reverse the hold, but Jordan had all 190 pounds resting on Max’s head. His legs were up with his knees off the mat, and he was concentrating all his weight and muscle on keeping Max on the mat. Max finally escaped and tried all the legs locks that he is famous for. Jordan just countered and escaped showing how really strong he is. Max tried everything but, more often than not, found himself on the receiving end of a Jordan hold or grip. Totally awesome wrestling!

One submission at the very end. Actually, surprising submission and winner. But a really great hold and applied absolutely correctly and effectively. The re-match is already planned. You can look for a World Series Match between these two guys as well.

Max's suit is kindly sponsored by Prevail Sport. He is wearing the Racer bikini in Technicolor print. More print/color options are available at

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