Case "CT" Thornton vs. Jimmy Reilly

Total Running Time: 22:57
File Size: 1.24GB

Case “CT” Thornton                    6’              158 lbs.             28yo

Jimmy Reilly                                5’10”         187 lbs.             24yo

CT (gray speedos) challenged Jimmy (green speedos) after watching a couple of Jimmy’s matches. “He may be bigger, but I can take him” Case told us. Jimmy loves wrestling a smaller tough-guy. We warned Jimmy that CT is really a great mat wrestler, knowing all kinds of moves and holds. Jimmy said “he’ll be no challenge for my power”. So the match was on.

"...the action gets better--more intense, sexier--as it proceeds..."

Ringside on Skull Island

CT gets the take down and tries various moves only to be countered by Jimmy. CT uses arms and legs, works for an armbar, head scissors, figure-four, etc. Jimmy powers out of all of them. CT manages to stay on top for almost the entire first match, until Jimmy lifts his legs and catches him in a head scissors. CT does everything he can to escape – pushing, rolling, just trying everything in the book, but Jimmy’s legs are just too strong. CT taps out.

Now we warn Jimmy: Watch out! CT is going to get rougher and tougher. He hates to lose. We couldn’t be more correct. CT came back with a vengeance. He got the take-down, took control and never gave it up. In the second fall, CT is all over Jimmy and Jimmy just can’t handle him. This is awesome!

So CT gets the second fall and then the match really begins. Both wrestlers are determined to come out on top. Neither will tap-out. Both are using every move and hold they know. Great wrestling – super competition. Don’t miss this match We already promised these guys a “world series match”.

Special thanks to our sponsor, Prevail Sport, for Case's trunks. Case "CT" Thornton is wearing the American Limited Edition in Platinum.

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