Kevin Harris vs. Jimmy Reilly: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 19:54
File Size: 1.09GB

Kevin Harris 6’2” 200 lbs. 25yo
Jimmy Reilly 5’10” 196 lbs. 24yo

The rematch! Jimmy (purple speedos) is simply too strong and powerful to get tossed around the mat – or at least he thinks so. Kevin (blue speedos) has other ideas. Jimmy knows how to lock up and get a good take down but Kevin is a big guy, strong, with awesome balance. As Jimmy tries to bring Kevin to the mat, Kevin counters everything until Jimmy makes a mistake and gets tossed on his back. Kevin works Jimmy’s upper body. Jimmy tries to push Kevin off – no luck! Kevin keeps control and works a wicked head lock putting 200 pounds of pressure on Jimmy’s neck. When Jimmy finally escapes Kevin quickly wraps his massive thighs around Jimmy’s head. “You ain’t getting outta this one” Kevin tells Jimmy and puts on the “big squeeze”. Jimmy does his best but Kevin’s legs are just too powerful and Jimmy is forced to tap-out.

"Part Two of Harris-versus-Reilly is so good I immediately hit replay for more."

Ringside on Skull Island

Jimmy is more determined and focused than ever. He’s going after Kevin with everything he has. He works for the arm bar, a real tight head lock with his “python” arms, and resorts to using his legs to keep control of Kevin. This is as rough a match as you will see. These two guys are not afraid to “mix-it-up” and both are continuously working for a submission. Lots of great moves, super speed for two big guys, lots of wrestling action. When Kevin gets in position for a choke, Kevin just pushes Kevin’s arms off. Incredible! Kevin keeps using a head lock for control, but Jimmy is not going to fall victim to that again. Both big wrestlers use every ounce of muscle and power to win this match.

"You just will not be able to resist the satisfaction of watching two skilled well-built bodies fighting it out, with one wrestler trying to prove he learnt something from their first encounter and the other one confirming the first result."

La Sustancia P


Skill goes out the window as both guys rely on their muscle and power. IT’s back and forth for 20 minutes until both wrestlers are exhausted, but there is a definite winner and a very frustrated loser. These two guys just get stronger as they struggle, push and work each other over. Another totally awesome submission match. We can’t wait to get these two wrestlers to tag team – maybe against Max Anderson and Brock Hammer!


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