Connor Flynn vs. Kevin Harris (Match 3)

Total Running Time: 24:24
File Size: 1.15GB

Kevin Harris 6’2” 200 lbs. 25yo
Connor Flynn 6’ 178 lbs. 26yo

The re-rematch!   Connor (blue speedos) and Kevin (red speedos) are tied – one –to – one.   They are both very anxious about this match to break the tie.  Connor has been working his legs hard.  He gave a pretty decent beating to Kevin in their first match just using his legs.  Connor at 200 pounds is bigger and stronger than he has even been.  So far, no one has escaped Kevin’s head scissors – just take a look at the size and muscle on his legs.   Connor is determined to avoid Kevin’s head scissors.   Kevin knows that Connor can beat him if he gets the right leg lock on him and he is confident that he is strong enough to avoid Connor’s legs.  This is how these two wrestlers begin this match.

Kevin exudes enough confidence where he's just DARING anybody to question his toughness.  Not that Connor does--these two have never been about trash talk or macho posturing, just the pure grappling."

Inner Jobber

Kevin gets the first take-down and uses all his power to stay on top of Connor, working his arms and upper body.   Connor eventually reverses and tries to work out Kevin in the same way.  Kevin locks a tight headlock on Connor and cranks on the hold trying to get a body scissors at the same time.  Connor is not about to let that happen.   Kevin turns him over and immediately Connor escapes.   You can see the ultimate power of both these wrestlers when they lock up again and work for the take-down.  When Kevin gets the take-down again he just can’t get those strong legs around Connor’s head.   He crosses for a nasty headlock and cranks.  Connor is squirming and wrestling to escape but there is no way – Connor is forced to tap out.

This kind of close body work sucks me in to the best of Movimus, purveyor of real competitive mat wrestling, featuring hot, aggressive athletes who know what they're doing."

Ringside on Skull Island

Twenty minutes of intense submission wrestling.   Both strong wrestlers work for control and the ultimate submission hold.   Awesome!   Connor pushes Kevin around the mat.  Kevin counters and reverses.   They both do everything they can to stay away from each other’s legs.   This is great!   Super submission wrestling.   These are two of the best submission wrestlers you’ll find anywhere.  Both big guys, strong, knowledgeable and out to win this match.

This feud is definitely not over.  Both guys are asking for a World Series Match.  We’re going to giv

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