Jimmy Reilly vs. Aron Stokes

Total Running Time: 17:56
File Size: 956.4MB

Jimmy Reilly      5’10”    190 lbs.   24yo
Aron Stokes       6’1"     181 lbs.    21yo

Aron (yellow/green speedos) gives up 26 pounds to muscle-boy Jimmy (blue speedos). As soon as Aron met Jimmy he nick-named him “Tarzan” . Appropriate, huh ? But Aron sure can take care of himself on the mat, as Jimmy found out in this match. Jimmy figured that this would be an easy match and win. He totally underestimated Aron. These are two of the most evenly matched wrestlers we have had at Movimus. The exchange of moves and holds is awesome. Jimmy may have the power, but Aron has the skill and knows how to use it. Watching Aron escape from Jimmy’s powerful arms and legs is great! Watching him reverse and gain control, twist and tie up the muscle-boy is incredible.

"The last two minutes of the fifth and final round is a genuine nailbiter. "Genuine" as in unchoreographed submission wrestling, but again it's almost like Movimus has been reading my mind as well as my mail, somehow squeezing in my three favorite wrestling holds in a touch-and-go climax, with neither man the clear favorite till the last half-second."

Ringside on Skull Island

Jimmy is no push over. He has unbelievably strong thighs and, when he gets a tight head scissors on Aaron, it’s lights out! Aron does his best to escape, but Jimmy’s legs are just too strong. So Aron works as hard as he can to compensate. The match is back and forth. Aron’s arm bar, applied for the better part of 3 minutes, did not work. Jimmy escaped and Aron was frustrated. Aron’s single and double leg take-down attempts were futile, Jimmy is just too strong. And so it goes, back and forth. But there is definitely a winner and a loser, a wrestler quite pleased with himself and the other wrestler already begging for a rematch.

You can look for a lot more of these two wrestlers at Movimus.

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