Connor Flynn vs. Aron Stokes

Total Running Time: 21:05
File Size: 1.54GB

Connor Flynn                6’               171 lbs.             26yo

Aron Stokes                  6’1"            174 lbs.             21yo

Aron (orange speedos) and Connor (blue speedos) is simply one of the best matches we have ever seen! Aron has high school wrestling experience and loads of submission experience. Connor has wrestled some of the best wrestlers at Movimus – and has done outstandingly well against them. Aron is deceivingly strong. He doesn’t look it, but he is definitely one of the strongest 160 pounders we have ever had wrestle for us. Aron loves a challenge and hates to lose. Connor loves to win every match – every match he wrestles in. No one hates to lose more than Connor Flynn. All these elements come together in these two wrestlers for a really great match!

"This is a terrific little match that ought to thrill fans of straight-up submission wrestling."

Ringside on Skull Island

Connor is a fantastic “leg” wrestler. Triangles, figure-four leg locks, body scissors, and head scissors are all his favorite holds. Aron is very successful at not allowing Connor to use those strong legs. Connor has to resort to working behind Aron and choking him out for a win. Aron moves in on the attach, picks Connor off the mat and slams him on his back. Aron has all his weigh on Connors stomach and Connor taps out. Both wrestlers need to be creative, using all their ingenuity to come up with new moves and holds to catch the opponent off guard. They are both successful - making for some really great wrestling action.

Aron is one of the nicest guys we’ve ever had wrestle for us, but he is a “beast” on the mat. He won’t stop, won’t quit until he is really beat, and gets right back up looking to continue the match. Connor knows that he can beat just about any wrestler with his strong legs and he loves a really tough, challenge match. We put these two guys together and got the best from both of them. This is a match that we will show to all our new wrestling prospects. This is the way we want all our wrestlers to wrestle !

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