Jimmy Reilly vs. Connor Flynn

Total Running Time: 22:01
File Size: 1.17GB

Connor Flynn           6’1”      168 lbs.       26yo

Jimmy Reilly            5’10”     194 lbs.       24yo

Connor (yellow speedos) challenged Jimmy (red speedos). “I can take this guy” Connor told us before the match. “He won’t be able to last in my legs”, he said. But Jimmy has incredibly strong legs as well and he sure knows how to use them as he did against Brock Hammer. These two wrestlers have very, very similar styles. They are both strong and great “movers” on the mat. This promised to be a great match and we were not disappointed.

This match is nothing if not competitive."

Inner Jobber

Jimmy brings Connor to the mat. Connor reverses. Rear head lock and leg spread, Jimmy powers out. Jimmy picks Connor up and slams him to the mat. Jimmy gets on top and works for an arm bar. Connor won’t let that happen. Jimmy uses his legs. Connor uses his legs. It becomes of match of body scissors and head scissors – both wrestlers effectively using their favorite holds.

It soon becomes obvious that these two wrestlers really do not like each other. Connor keeps him knee in Jimmy’s stomach and Jimmy doesn’t like that at all. Jimmy really cranks on a head lock and works for the choke. Connor is grasping for air but he manages to escape and reverse. Another incredible head scissors. Excellent wrestling ! Lots of displays of power and stamina – this is one wicked submission match. This is one of those matches that you will watch over and over again. We are already planning a “big” rematch. Both wrestlers very reluctantly agreed. We’ll see when we can get these two guys together – maybe for a “World Series Match”.


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