Connor Flynn vs. Kevin Harris: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 25:17
File Size: 1.35GB

Kevin (Blue speedos) is out for revenge. He is completely confident that he can get even with Connor (black speedos) for the beating he took in their first match. Kevin has gotten bigger, more muscular, and definitely more confident. Connor has the confidence that, if he can get a good head scissors on Kevin, it’s all over. Connor knows how strong his legs are, and he sure knows how to use them. Kevin gets the initial takedown. From the front, body lock position, Kevin is very comfortable. As much as Connor tries to reverse, Kevin just keeps the pressure on. As Connor tries to roll Kevin over, Kevin just slams Connor to his back. There is no doubt, this is a real brawl. Neither of these wrestlers will give an inch. They are both out to win at any cost.

"Movimus, even more than its predecessor NHB-Battle, fulfills my yen for straight-up submission wrestling, often with smokin' hot wrestlers in tee-tiny trunks who exude tons of charisma without having to hold a microphone or act out a (usually lame-ass) skit that sets up the match... With constantly moving camerawork and smart, action-intensifying jumpcuts, Movimus succeeds better than most in thrusting the viewer into the thick (and slick) of the action."

Ringside on Skull Island

Kevin keeps controlling – and frustrating – Conner. It becomes obvious early in the match that Kevin is much stronger and definitely wants to control Connor. A few times, Connor gets Kevin in a “school-boy” pin and you can almost tell that Kevin is just playing with him. The truth be told, this is as one –sided a match that we’ve had at Movimus in a real long time. Kevin dominates and completely defeats Connor. The score is not 1-1 and both wrestlers agree to a third match the very next day. This is going to be completely awesome.

 "...this match is definitely the middle of a story."


​​Look for the re-rematch. It’s comin! ! !

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