Kevin Harris vs. Jimmy Reilly

Total Running Time: 24:25
File Size: 1.2GB

Kevin Harris                  6’2”            200 lbs.            25yo

Jimmy Reilly                 5’10”          196 lbs.             24yo

Kevin (yellow speedos) is bigger and in better shape than he’s ever been. At 200 pounds, he’s pure, cut muscle. Jimmy (green speedos) is more than ready to take on his bigger opponent - although at 196 pounds of ripped muscle, Jimmy brings his own level of intensity. They start out facing each other, testing strength and power, and looking for a take down. Kevin uses his agility to bring Jimmy to the mat. Jimmy uses his speed to escape and get back on his feet. usual at Movimus the focus is on grappling, not posing."


Often Kevin is on top – in control, but Jimmy is not about to give up without a fierce struggle. These two, young, muscle boys don’t hold back at all. It’s an all out wrestling match, both wrestlers constantly looking for a tap-out or submission. Lots of arm locks and wrist locks, double ankle locks with both wrestlers using their ripped muscles, scissors and bear hugs from the mat. They use just about all the moves and holds they can think of. Kevin’s legs are just incredible. Just like all Kevin’s other opponents, Jimmy just can’t take the power and pressure of Kevin’s head scissors. He tries hard to avoid the scissors but he’s not always successful.

It's textbook grappling and submission, strenuous and prolonged with sudden bursts of adrenalized aggression."

Ringside at Skull Island

These ripped, muscular bodies get an awesome workout. Both wrestlers push and stain to win this match, beat the other guy – no easy task. This is some great wrestling, awesome power and control, with one definite and decisive winner. A great match to watch, you will watch these two guys over and over again. Look for their rematch in the near future.

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