Case "CT" Thornton vs. Mason Brooks

Total Running Time: 21:09
File Size: 1.05GB

Mason Brooks                      5’11”        163lbs            31yo
Case “CT” Thornton             5’11”        158lbs.           27yo

Mason (green speedos) jumped at the opportunity to wrestle CT (brown/orange speedos). This is Mason’s first match for Movimus but we knew his ability. He has been a wrestler for years and he knows his moves and holds. We were convinced that this match would be a really great challenge for both wrestlers. What we didn’t know was how much CT has improved. He’s stronger, more fit, and definitely been working on his ju-jitsu skills. His confidence level is peaking and he knows he can handle most guys his size. What was supposed to be a super challenged turned out to be very one-sided.

 Thornton and Brooks seem tireless, making their quest to wear the other out seem almost futile.  It's the Energizer Bunny Energizer Bunny, really...  But that's the beauty of a good wrestling match--you don't have to rely on your imagination!  Everything you need is right there for you."


CT took control from the outset and just worked over Mason at just about every turn of the match. As Mason used and applied some of his best moves and body locks, CT countered and reversed. Even Mason’s very tight and effective head scissors was no challenge for CT. He paced himself, timed his response, and eventually reversed and gained control. Very impressive – very effective. Mason is a great wrestler with a lot of experience. CT proved stronger, more agile, and definitely in great shape. After 25 minutes of a tough match, CT was hardly breathing heavy. Awesome cardio shape!

The remarkable evenness of the competitors makes for a fast-paced and intense fight. For all that, only one has the moves to consistently close the deal, and, though neither man has anything to be ashamed of, performance-wise, only one walks away with the glory of a clean victory."

Ringside on Skull Island


After the match, CT told us that he has been working out with Chuck Rowen. “I just can’t beat Chuck” he said. We are definitely in the process of getting that match for all of you. CT is looking to wrestle Connor Flynn, Mikey Hanlon and Max Anderson. He just might have what it takes to defeat all three of our best wrestlers.

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