Connor Flynn vs. Don Cooper

Total Running Time: 20.38
File Size: 1.04GB

Connor Flynn               6’1”         168 lbs      26yo
Don Cooper                 6’3”          185 lbs.    19yo

Coop (gray speedos) challenged Conner (blue speedos). Coop watched Connor take a beating against Max Anderson in their World Series Match. Coop was convinced that he could handle Conner in much the same way. We warned Coop that Conner is an experience wrestler with really strong legs. Coop wasn’t deterred at all. He went right after Connor from the very start of the match. Of course, Conner used his skill to control the big guy, bring him down and keep him tied up. Conner used all his skill and power to frustrate the 6’3” big guy from Texas – but , no way. Coop just kept getting more and more aggressive. At one point, Coop got a really tight head scissors on Conner. Conner stood up taking Coop with him. Coop just wrapped his arms around Connors waist and keep squeezing his head. Connor pushed free and fell to the mat with Coop still hanging onto his waist. Coop got the head scissors again and held it for a really long time. We still can’t believe that Connor was able to escape that nasty hold. Pure determination to win !

"Connor is the more experienced and aggressive of the two, as you might expect, but Don likes stiff competition and won't take a rookie dive just to satisfy fans' expectations or to kowtow to Connor's sense of entitlement."

Ringside at Skull Island


Connor kept the pressure on for the entire match. Coop escaped and countered. Connor reversed. Back an forth – a very even match. Three submissions – not all by the same wrestler. The rematch is already planned. Conner will surely be more respectful of Coop next time. This is one of the best. You don’t want to miss this match.


Wrestlers: Connor Flynn, Don Cooper

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