Tommy "Ruk" Rukker vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 24:47
File Size: 1.03GB

Tommy “Ruk” Rukker             5’7”              158lbs            22yo
Max Anderson                        6’                 188lbs.           29yo

Ruk (green speedos) has been asking for a match against Max (multi-colored speedos) for a long time. When we told Ruk that on his next trip to NYC he would have a match against Max , he was ready and psyched. He toned up, sharpened his skills and did a lot of wrestling practice with some of his high school team mates. Max has been actively cycling – competitively. His tone and definition was never better. Max has been wrestling for us for 10 years and he never looked better. He says that he has never been stronger. All this is the makings for a great submission wrestling match

This is 24 minutes of intense competition – no winner – no loser – no stop in the action. But wrestlers are aggressive and defensive at the same time. Ruk gets behind and maintains control – Max reverses, gets control. Both work for the submission constantly. Both can’t get the other wrestler in just that position to make him tap out. Very, very aggressive. Overly competitive. Both wrestlers fight to win, both lose in the quest. Great moves – super action. Lots of multiple holds, moves, counters. Lots of intense struggle. It’s been a real long time since we’ve had a match this long and this intense without a decisive winner.

You can bet that this feud is just beginning. Ruk is already talking about what he’s going to do to Max the next time. “I knew he was strong, but never realized just how strong he really is,” Ruk told us after the match. Max said, “this guy has some ‘wicked’ skills. He’s impossible to hold onto and he knows how to escape. It’s going to be really tough to beat him.”

Just great wrestling. I’ve watched this match 3 times already, and they just wrestled yesterday. This is one you “real” wrestlers are going to learn from. This is one everyone is going to watch over and over again.


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