Chuck Rowen vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 28:29
File Size: 1.44GB

Max Anderson                 6’              191lbs.                29yo
Chuck Rowen                 5’7”            161lbs.                27yo

Max (tie-die speedos) knew all about the skill and power of Chuck (blue speedos). Max watched Chuck wrestle Donnie “Brax” Braxton and Max was pretty confident that he could handle a guy 30 pounds lighter than himself, even if he is a wrestler trained in Ju-jitsu. Max starts with confidence and tries to wrestle Chuck. Max is soon on his back struggling to get free from the powerful legs of Chuck. As Max tries to reverse, Chuck counters. As Max tries for the scissors, Chuck lets him have the hold and reverses almost immediately. We have never seen Max in such a one –sided match before. Chuck is controlling and dominating. As strong and powerful and Max is, it’s hard to get him to tap-out, but Chuck just takes his time and waits for the right move, the right mistake, so he can apply some “killer” hold that Max just can’t defend against.

These two wrestlers say a lot with their bodies. They don't throw shade, or taunt, or boast... Neither is an easy nut to crack, so don't expect any quick tap-outs from either. The winner's going to have to work for that win..."

Ringside at Skull Island

Chuck wins the first fall with a super powerful triangle choke where Chuck is just sitting on Max’s head pouring on the pressure. Max is just “destroyed” in this hold. He has no choice but to tap out.


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