Michael Salerno vs. Eli Thompson

Total Running Time: 22:42
File Size: 1.1GB

Michael Salerno               5’7”        135 lbs          35yo
Eli Thompson                   5’6”        133 lbs.         27yo

Michael (red speedos) returns to Movimus after a 2 year absence – and he is ready to make up for his last loss. Eli (blue speedos) is a New Yorker working out and training at an MMA academy - ready to rumble and win! Both guys are evenly matched, skilled, and aggressive. Both their tattooed bodies are in great shape, great cardio, and skilled.

Eli goes to the guard position and locks Michael’s head – reverse head lock. Michael struggles and uses his powerful legs to manipulate and reverse Eli. Eli keeps going for Michael’s head, full and reverse. Eli has really strong forearms and Michael has trouble escaping each time Eli locks up his head with those muscular forearms.

Michael relies on his legs, all kinds of scissors, but Eli is not going to get caught. They both use “school-boy-pins” when they are on top and the opponent shows how powerful his legs are when he throws him off. They wrestle evenly, both taping out one time – then the finisher. Both wrestlers work hard to stay in control – all kinds of great moves and holds. But there can be only one winner – one definite winner – and there is. 

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