MJ Walker vs. Justin O'Donnell: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 21:11
File Size: 181.9MB

MJ Walker                 5'10"      155
Justin O'Donnell        6'3"        178

The Rematch!     Before leaving New York City, Justin (grey speedos) insisted on a rematch with MJ (green speedos).  The first match was very even, and extremely competitive, but it went to MJ by only one fall.  Justin wanted to leave NYC a winner against his buddy.  But Justin wasn't aware of how psyched and ready MJ was.  MJ wrestlles like a pro.  He can easily handle 200 pounders.  Not only is he skilled and strong, but he can take a lot of punishment and keep on going.  He hates to submit.

Justin tried everything.   Headlocks, full nelsons, head scissors, arm bars and locks, body scissors, and just about anything he could think of.  MJ proved to be just too tough.  He took it all, almost as if he was laughing about it and turned each and every hold around.  He kept his head tucked so Justin couldn't control it.   Big Advantage!

This is a serious rematch and brawl!   MJ never gave up and kept punishing Justin.  Justin stayed focused, but it didn't work.  He proved to be no match for the awesome MJ Walker.  No way is it a squash job, but there is also no doubt who the victor is - and the better wrestler.   Somehow we don't think this is the last we'll see of MJ vs. Justin!  

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