MJ Walker vs. Justin O'Donnell

Total Running Time: 23:50
File Size: 204MB

MJ Walker                 5'10"   153
Justin O'Connell        6'2"    177

Justin (black speedos) was introduced to Movimus by MJ (purple speedos).  Justin and MJ are college buddies.  MJ told Movimus about Justin and asked for a match against his friend.  MJ said that Justin would be psyched to wreslte and he was "one tough kid."  Justin is  college athlete, although not on the the wrestling team.  You can easily see how much he works out.  Here is a young guy who works hard to keep himself in shape and he is not about to lose to the smaller MJ.  Friends don't like to lose to friends.

MJ uses his wrestling ability to control most of the first fall   We thought that Justin was a little overwhelmed by the powerful MJ, but we were wrong.  Justin shows that the more aggressive MJ is, the tougher and more determined he is.  Justin finally begins to show MJ that he is no "wus".  Justin throws in some very effective leg holds and backs them up with upper body squeezes and chokes. Justin manages to get two submissions from MJ.

But MJ is not about to leave the mats a loser.  He just gets stronger and tougher and is more determined to dominate Justin.  MJ begins using all "totally real submission" moves on Justin and really puts on the pressure.  At one pint, MJ's head scissors was so tight that we thought Justin would pass-out!

After MJ's overwhelming exhibition, Justin asked for a rematch before leaving New York City.  It's scheduled ! ! !

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