MJ Walker vs. Brandon Aldrich

Total Running Time: 16:22
File Size: SD 140MB/ 4K 3.69GB

MJ. Walker            5'10"    153lbs.
Brandon Aldrich    6'         178lbs.

Experience the intense clash between Brandon, donning sleek black speedos, and MJ, adorned in striking blue speedos, at Movimus Wrestling. Brandon's anticipation for this showdown against MJ, a newcomer to Movimus, was palpable.

With rigorous workouts, Brandon has transformed, gaining over 10 pounds of muscle in preparation to take down his opponent. However, what ensued was a battle of wits and strength, as MJ demonstrated remarkable skill and resilience. Brandon, known for his strategic approach favoring head control and tough leg locks, found himself outmatched by MJ's powerful neck and shoulders.

Despite Brandon's efforts to gain control, MJ maintained dominance throughout the match, leaving Brandon frustrated and seeking to improve his submission techniques post-match. Witness the captivating struggle between these two formidable wrestlers, and discover why this match is a must-watch for wrestling enthusiasts everywhere.

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