MJ Walker vs. Brandon Aldrich

Total Running Time: 16:22
File Size: 140MB

MJ. Walker            5'10"    153lbs.
Brandon Aldrich    6'         178lbs.

Brandon (black speedos) has been psyched for a match against MJ (blue speedos) ever since MJ first came to Movimus.  Brandon has been working out a lot and it shows.  He has gained over 10 pounds of muscle.  He was more than ready to beat this "little college punk".  Well, Brandon was in for a major surprise.

Brandon is one of those wrestlers who likes to control his opponents head, thus getting him into some really tough leg locks.  But MJ knew exactly how to counter that.  No way was Brandon going to control MJ's head.  MJ has such a powerful neck, real strong shoulders, and the skill to match that strength, that he just kept his head tucked and Brandon didn't have a chance at a head lock.  Brandon spent almost the entire match on his back trying to wrestle to a controlling position.

Brandon spoke to us after the match and said "you've got to teach me more submission.  I couldn't get any decent hold on MJ at all."  Mj kept the pressure on Brandon for twenty minutes leading Brandon into frustration.  Brandon tried pressure points, hair-pulling, choking, and just about anything he could think of -- nothing worked against the awesome, cool, suave and tough MJ Walker.  Check this one out -- you won't be sorry .

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