MJ Walker vs. Axel: The Rematch!

Total Running Time: 20:19
File Size: 173.7MB

MJ Walker        5'10"     152
Axel                  6'1"       172

The Rematch!     This match has been talked about for about 6 months, since the first Axel (black speedos), MJ (blue speedos) match.    That was MJ's first submission match.  now MJ is more prepared, more experienced, and tougher.  MJ actually worked out with a good wrestler more than 50 pounds heavier, just to get ready to take on Axel again.  There is no mercy in this match.  Both wrestlers want the win at any cost!   You'll see lots of head hold, arm locks and bars, choke holds, body scissors -- they use it all most effectively.

Really great wrestling from these two college wrestlers.  Frustration -- at one point Axel grinds his elbow into the back of MJ's head -- pain, just look at their faces -- and submissions, just two in more than 20 minutes.  Youwill be totally surprised at the outcome of this one - we are sure.  After twenty-five minutes, it is a draw, each wrestler with one tap out.  Both guys are exhausted.  Axel's pride is hurt.  MJ's ego is soaring.

     If these two wrestlers ever take each other on again, Movimus will invite as many other wrestlers to watch the match as possible.  That would put even more pressure on these two brawlers.

Wrestlers: Axel, MJ Walker, Origins

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