MJ Walker vs. Davide Pollona

Total Running Time: 19:40
File Size: 168.2MB

MJ Walker            5'10"   151
Davide Pollona     5'10"   168

Davide (navy blue speedos) is from Florence, Italy.  He wrote to Movimus to ask for a match against MJ (light blue speedos).  Davide is trained in Tai Kwon Do and other martial arts forms.  He did some wrestling, but he assured us that he would be able to handle the scrappy MJ.  Being the same size and build, we decided to give Davide a shot at MJ.

Although MJ totally dominated Davide in wrestling, this proved to be a real good match and quite a superior workout for MJ.  Davide is one strong guys and MJ had to use all his wrestling skill and ability to get out of the power locks that Davide applied.  As you all know, MJ doesn't quit.  So his immeasurable stamina proved to be the deciding factor.  No sooner is one match over, win or lose, MJ Walker is up on his feet, ready to go at it all over again.  He's an incredible athlete.

MJ gets to use some newly learned submission moves and holds on Davide.  The powerful Davide tries, sometimes in vain, to escape.  Wrestling in the sand is MJ at his best.  He uses everything and anything to secure a win.  We love watching MJ systematically take this tough Italian apart.

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