MJ Walker vs. Davide Pollona

Total Running Time: 19:40
File Size: SD 168.2MB/ 4K 4.43GB

MJ Walker            5'10"   151
Davide Pollona     5'10"   168

Introducing a thrilling matchup from Movimus: Davide, hailing from Florence, Italy, dons navy blue speedos and brings a background in Tai Kwon Do and various martial arts disciplines. Eager for a challenge, he requested a bout against MJ, outfitted in light blue speedos, known for his scrappiness and unwavering stamina.

Despite Davide's martial arts training, MJ's wrestling expertise led to a dominant performance. However, the match showcased Davide's formidable strength, forcing MJ to utilize every ounce of his skill to escape Davide's powerful locks and maneuvers. MJ's renowned endurance proved invaluable, ultimately securing him the victory.

Witness MJ's resilience and newly acquired submission techniques as he grapples with Davide in the sand, showcasing his versatility and determination to triumph. Each match, win or lose, fuels MJ's unwavering spirit, cementing his status as an exceptional athlete.

Experience the excitement as MJ strategically dismantles his formidable opponent, demonstrating his prowess and adaptability in the ring. Catch all the action as Movimus delivers yet another exhilarating clash of talent and tenacity.

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