MJ Walker vs. Bobby Bigelow: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 20:19
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This is developing into the best competition that we have ever had at Movimus.  MJ (black speedos) is without a doubt the most skilled collegiate wrestler we have seen.  He is strong, knows all the moves and holds and is used to working out with much bigger wrestlers.  His 11 years wrestling experience shows in every match he has as well as in every muscle in his body.  He has been working real hard to learn the Sambo (submission) style and use all the new moves and holds that are illegal in his traditional style.  The hardest thing for MJ is getting used to wrestling on his back, but he sure is mastering that too.

     Bobby (purple speedos) has no formal wrestling experience.  In fact, he never really played a team sport or participated in individual competition (maybe a little football in his freshman year in HS).  But he is an incredible "natural" athlete.  In his very first match, he lost the first fall to MJ, then held MJ to a draw for the rest of the match -- that is incredible.  Now he gained eight pounds and challenges MJ again.  He says he has not been practicing, but just watch his moves and how tight his holds are on MJ.  Fall one goest oBobby with an awesome head scissors.  MJ gets up smiling in disbelief.

     Fall two goes to Bobby also, with a front face chancery and full body scissors.  MJ can't believe what is happening to him.  How can he lose to this kid -- what is going on here ? ? ?    In fall three, MJ pulls out all the stops.  He wrestles collegiate and sambo at their best.  He tries pounding on Bobby, throwing him, a bear hug on the mat, head scissors (but misses), chicken wing arm bar, etc.   It's great to see MJ Walker go that fast, that intense, and that controlled.  Bobby keeps countering -- very effectively.

     This competition is absolutely not over.  As we record the events of this match, the third match is already planned and scheduled.  This awesome competition is going to continue until there is one definite and decisive victor.

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