MJ Walker vs. Marlon Clemons

Total Running Time: 23:24
File Size: 200.1MB

    Marlon (yellow speedos) just graduated from High School where he was a four year varsity letter wrestler.  He was ranked in his state in his junior and senior years.  MJ (blue speedos) was totally up for the challenge of a bigger, cocky high school wrestler.  MJ was confident that he could handle any high school wrestler because of his college varsity experience.  But Marlon was not about to be pushed around by anyone, especially a smaller guy.

     The first four falls were very even -- two for MJ, two for Marlon.  MJ was completely and developed a respect for Marlon.  Marlon has a great athletic build:  big chest, large guns and a perfect "V" back.  MJ had his hands full.  MJ's only advantage was his experience in submission wrestling.   MJ tried all the moves and submission holds he knew only to have Marlon power out of most every one of them.  MJ has areal challenge with this 18 year old tough guy.

     The fifth and decisive fall is great.   Neither wrestler wanted to lose that final fall, so each took a lot of punishment -- and dish it out too.  It's great to see MJ struggle against the bigger, and obviously stronger, Marlon.  MJ uses all his skill, and Marlon uses all his power.  This is a great match up.  You'll want to see who ultimately wins 3-out-of-5 fall, and how it was done!

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