MJ Walker vs. Bobby Bigelow- Match 1

Total Running Time: 21:26
File Size: 183.4MB

MJ (red speedos) brought his friend Bobby (blue speedos) to wrestle.  They had actually wrestled each other (while drunk) one night on the sidewalks of New York City.   When they work up the next morning and saw all the scraps and bruises, MJ decided to challenge his buddy to a Movimus match.   We are real glad MJ challenged Bobby.  Bobby is originally from northern California.  He has a great build, as you can see for yourself, and his actually much stronger than he looks.

In the first match, MJ's wrestling ability was just too much for Bobby to handle.  These two tough teens fought hard until MJ caught Bobby in a reverse choke hold and forced the submission.

The second match lasts for the entire duration of the time limit without a clear winner.  Bobby came back to the mat determined not to lose again to MJ, and he didn't.  MJ remarked later that he couldn't believe he was wrestling the same guy from the first match.  If anything, Bobby dominated the second match.  Bobby's awesome muscular chest was ut to good use in keeping MJ on the mat.  His incredibly strong legs wrapped around MJ, squeezing hrder and harder, is a site you've got to appreciate.  MJ worked real hard not to submit.

     These two teens are already talking about the rematch, in fact, they are making bets on the outcome.

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