Max Anderson vs. Brock Hammer: Match 4

Total Running Time: 11:57
File Size: SD 101.9MB/ HD 698MB

Brock Hammer                        6’2”                 210 lbs.
Max Anderson                         6’                     194lbs.           

This is the fourth recorded match between these two great wrestlers.   Max (multi-colored speedos) is more than ready to take on Brock (red/white speedos) again.   They have an awesome feud going and they are just about even in the win/loss column.   Brock gets the first takedown and immediately works to get behind Max so he can use his massive strong legs.   Brock goes for a cradle, but Max is just too strong to be caught in a cradle for long.   Max escapes and reverses on Brock getting him in a head scissors and arm bar.   Long held hold !!!  Brock  struggles vigorously to escape Max’s massive legs. 

Back and forth  - both wrestlers working hard for control.   Brock clamps a wicked body scissors on Max that has Max in a lot of trouble.   Brock sure know how to squeeze those strong legs of his.  Max does escape only to be caught again in another full body scissors.    Great wrestling for the rest of this match.   Max and Brock both have incredibly strong legs and sure can apply a most effective scissors.  They wrestle very hard and tough, both guys continuing to use their legs. 

Super holds they use on each other.   Very powerful head locks, most effective ankle locks, full nelsons that twist the neck where it is not supposed to go.   So it continues.  This rivalry is not over.   These two guys just want to keep wrestling each other.


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