Brandon Aldrich vs. Dave Martell

Total Running Time: 11:37
File Size: 132.9MB

Dave Martell 6'1" 172 35yo
Brandon Aldrich 6' 173 23yo

Dave (navy blue speedos), visiting from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Asked for this match with Brandon (purple speedos). Brandon has been working out and perfecting his submission wrestling skills, but he didn't have much of a chance to show them in this match. This is about as much of a "squash job" as possible.  Even though these guys are the same size and we thought this would be an even match-up, Brandon was totally out wrestled.

Dave used a few dirty tactics as well (not that he needed too). At one point Brandon curses Dave out while taking a punishing hold on his back. Dave uses lots of painful arm locks. He ties up Brandon in all ways and then totally controls his arms preventing him from any kind of escape. After 12 minutes and three submissions, Brandon had all he wanted to take from Dave.

It's too bad this match doesn't last a lot longer. It's a real good one to watch. Beginner wrestlers will learn a lot from the moves, blocks and clamps used here.

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