Mikey Hanlon vs. Christian Londis

Total Running Time: 35:36
File Size: SD 427.7MB/ HD 2.05GB

Christian Londis              5’9”          146 lbs          23yo
Mikey Hanlon                  5’9”          175 lbs          21yo

Mikey (green speedos) is a really great wrestler. He’s been taking on the best at Movimus and the strongest – either winning outright, or wrestling 30 minutes to a draw. Chris (yellow speedos) came to Movimus at 19 years old and is basically undefeated. Chris has wrestled and beat the biggest and the best. We were sure this was going to be an awesome match and we sure were right. Mikey using his wrestling skill and power. Chris using his MMA skill and speed.

They both agreed that it would be all out – nothing barred at all – all MMA moves and wrestling holds are legal. Mikey has the tightest and strongest head scissors and he knows how to use it. Chris uses a choke from any position with his arms or legs – and opponents don’t escape. This brawl was on!

Mikey simply can’t believe that he loses the first fall in a rear naked choke. “That is the tightest hold I’ve ever been in” he told Chris. But Mikey is more than ready for the second fall. He’s not about to get his first defeat at Movimus Wrestling. But Chris definitely has different ideas. Chris loves bringing down bigger guys multiple times – humiliating them – completely and totally defeating big, muscle guys. Mikey is convinced that no 145 pounder is going to defeat him.

Lots of leg locks, ankle locks, arm bars, chokes and escapes and many, many more wrestling and MMA moves and holds. Lots of legs used by both wrestlers. This match is just great – awesome – definitely one of our best by two of the best looking, toughest wrestlers at Movimus. The rematch is set. One is working out hard to get even.

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