Jared Stone vs. Gary Wayne

Total Running Time: 32:55
File Size: SD 399.7MB/ HD 2.81GB

Gary Wayne           5’10”       178 lbs         23yo
Jared Stone            5’7”         204 lbs        26yo

Gary (blue speedos) asked to wrestle Jared (yellow speedos). Neither wrestler met before the match, and neither had ever watched any of the others matches. Gary is cut, ripped and in great cardio-vascular shape. Jared put on a couple extra pounds, but definitely still has a great wrestling background. We figured Jared had the advantage in skill – Gary had the advantage in strength.

Jared takes Gary to the mat right off and doesn’t let him escape. Jared talks trash all during the match, even when he is forced to tap out. Gary stays quiet, but works hard to come out on top. Jared keeps Gary on the mat for the first 12 minutes just sitting on him and countering every reversal Gary tries. Jared uses his big, powerful legs to wrap around Gary every chance he gets. Gary is really having a hard time escaping Jared’s legs – and it’s pretty easy to see how he is struggling. Gary rolls Jared over on his neck a couple times, tries a cradle repeatedly but Jared escapes. Jared uses the rear-naked-choke and Gary is in trouble, but check out how the muscle boy escapes – awesome!

Give-and-take, back-and-forth with Jared’s skill usually getting the best of Gary. But Gary keeps up the defense and eventually, the pressure. Great wrestling. Lots of trash talking, but very one sided. This is great – super. Just watch the muscle boy, Gary, bring the big wrestler down and vice versa. Great wrestling.

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